Welcome to China Town
Welcome to China Town
Best Chinese Food In Town
We Bring Real Chinese Taste at Your Table
We Bring Real Chinese Taste at Your Table
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We have been serving in Karachi for last 35 years and serving varieties for Chinese dishes mixed with Pakistani flavors. Our cooks are expert in making Chinese cuisine. China Town is the place in town where you are sure to get real flavor of china. Our vision is to bring the real taste of Chinese Food to the table, where each taste is prepared with great care.


Karachi is the largest city and the economic capital of Pakistan. During the British colonial rule of South Asia, the port in Karachi served major sea lanes. The city’s strategic location stimulated its growth into a center of commercial and industry. The prosperity of Karachi, attracted people and traders from different parts of the world including a small number of Chinese.Chinese food is very popular and Chinese restaurants can be found all over the city as well as in almost all of the major hotels such as the Marriott, Pearl Continental, Avari Towers, and Carlton Hotel. Many of these restaurants are managed by Chinese or have a Chinese chef who have adapted to Islamic dietary requirements by offering Halal dishes.

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King Prawn Stir-Fry

Egg noodles Sesame oil, Red chilli, Garlic ginger, King prawns, Red pepper, Sugar, Snap peas, Carrot, Spring onions, Soy sauce

Kung Pao Chicken

Chicken breas, White wine, Soy sauce, Sesame oil, Hot chile paste, White vinegar, Brown sugar, Green onions, Garlic, Water chestnuts

China Town Fish Chillies

Olive oil, Onion, Green pepper, Carrots, Garlic clove, Minced tomato sauce, Diced tomatoes, Chicken

China Town Seafood Soup

Prawns (shrimp), Salt and pepper, Lemon

Special Garlic Prawns

prawns (shrimp), Garlic cloves, Virgin olive oil, Salt and pepper, Lemon

Sezchuan Beef

Fish pieces, Maida, Corn flour, Baking powder, Soy sauce, Celery pepper Salt, Oil, Spring onions


Food quality was outstanding at China Town, specially fish & chips. Apart from this service, quality is far better than the other restaurants in the same locality. I recommend to must have a visit there.
Muhammad Saad

Muhammad Saad

Director Operations - The Dynamics

Food was delicious specially spicy garlic chicken, Environment was quiet relaxing. I must say every one has to visit china town for best Chinese food ever.
Zeeshan Nazir

Zeeshan Nazir

Network Engineer

One of the best Chinese restaurants in town. Reasonable prices for great tasting food,especially chicken LILLIPOP, the customer service is one of the best i have ever experienced.
Khurram Hussain

Khurram Hussain

Web Developer